Class Attire
for dancers


Please take note of our dress codes! What looks great on stage starts in the classroom. Extra clothing obscures alignment, muscle tone, and faulty technical habits and can be a safety hazard. Failure to dress appropriately for class can result in a student observing, not participating in, that class (no make-ups). 

Class Attire

All: black logo shorts, green logo tee-shirt (from NEPA, link on logo below)

Girls: poodle socks (available at FIS), ghillies, jig shoes if needed

Boys: white sports socks, jazz or reel shoes, jig shoes if needed

Adults: same as girls but may wear black leggings instead of FI shorts


Hair must be pulled off the face & neck; hair accessories must be secured on the head.

Only minimal, secured jewelry.

Cover class attire with appropriate outerwear when outside.

Children ages 9 & up should use deodorant.










Mini-Session & Ceili Club Class Attire:

  • Wear athletic clothing and soft soled shoes/dance shoes. Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor.

  • Clothes: Black leggings or shorts, tee-shirt or comfortable long-sleeved shirt (preferably kelly green). Please choose clothing that does not have attachments that might distract or get in the way of movement.

  • Dance shoes: black (or pink if you already have them) ballet slippers, jazz shoes, ghillies. (Mommy & Me adults can do class in their socks.)

  • Hair pulled back off the face & neck; hair accessories must be secured on the head.

  • Only minimal, secured jewelry.

Rutherford Shoes

Girls Reel Shoes (leather sole for beginners only)

Boys Reel Shoes (jazz shoes for beginners--may be purchased at any dance supply store)

Jig Shoes (Sound Blaster Tips required for Novice - Champion)

Beginner Jig Shoes


Sundries: blister booties, sock glue

**All shoes must be fitted (the end of the shoe hugging the toes). Leather shoes stretch over time and will need to be replaced. Buy shoes from a dedicated Irish Dance shoe merchant ONLY to ensure proper fit.


Dance or other class footwear must be clean and worn in the dance areas only. Dance/class shoes being worn outside of dance areas must be covered with outside footwear.

Music can be found on the Beat app, organized by RTN's levels.

NEPA logo

NEPA will send an email when you order is ready. If you have not heard from NEPA about an order, try calling them. If you do not get an answer, let Mary-Sarah know.

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