Flying Irish Feiseanna

All Flying Irish Feiseanna are Open Platform. We are members of Rince Tua Nua and run all competitions according to Rince Tua Nua's Rules.

Flying Irish Feiseanna do not have an 8 bar wait between solo dancers.

A dancer's age is the age they will be on the day of the feis.

Tir na nOg: Through competitive age 6.

  • Reel (124) - 16 bars

  • Light Jig (116) - 16 bars

Beginner (will be counted in)

  • Reel (124)

  • Light Jig (116)

  • Slip Jig (124)

  • Single Jig (124)

  • Treble Jig (92) - 16 bars

Intermediate (counted in up through age 10)

  • Reel (113)

  • Light Jig (116)

  • Slip Jig (113)

  • Single Jig (120) 

  • Treble Jig (92)

  • Hornpipe (138)

  • St Patrick's Day (94)


  • Reel (113)

  • Slip Jig (113)

  • Novice Single Jig (120)

  • Treble Jig (73)

  • Hornpipe (113)

  • Trad Sets: Jockey to the Fair (92), Blackbird (144)

  • Treble Reel 118 - 16 bars



  • Reel (113)

  • Slip Jig (113)

  • Novice Single Jig (120)

  • Treble Jig (73)

  • Hornpipe (113)

  • Trad Sets: Three Sea Captains (96), Job of the Journeywork (138)

  • Treble Reel 118 - 16 bars


  • Event - soft shoe, hard shoe, non-trad set of choice (must be contrasting tempo to hard shoe round)

  • Reel (113) - 40 bars

  • Slip Jig (113)

  • Treble Jig (73)

  • Hornpipe (113)

  • Trad Sets: St, Patrick's Day (94-all 5 parts) in 2022-23, Blackbird (144-all 5 parts) in 2023-24, Garden of Daisies (138) in 2024-25, King of the Fairies (130) in 2020-21, White Blanket (124) in 2021-22. The trad set for that year's championship will be offered at FI feiseanna.

  • Treble Reel 118 - 16 bars

Preliminary Champion - Offered at Championships only (once a dancer wins first in any Prelim competition, regardless of the number of competitors or adjudicators, they can no longer enter it)

  • Reel (113)

  • Non-trad Set of Choice

RTN music can be found on the Beat app:

Beat logo.jpg

By attending Flying Irish Feiseanna, you agree to release and forever discharge Flying lrish, LLC, its heirs, successors, administrators, instructors and assigns, including sponsoring and affiliated organizations for any and all claims, action, causes of action or liability for any and all losses, whether based on allegations of negligence or not, resultant from the your family's participation (as a dancer or a spectator) in its programs and events connected with the activities of Flying lrish, LLC. Permission is given for The Flying lrish, LLC, and its affiliations to use dancers' images for publicity reasons on the Internet, in print, or on video. We reserve the right to deny admission to anyone.

There are no refunds, transfers or credits for any funds associated with Flying Irish events.


New England Championships*

1st Saturday in November

November 7, 2020

Fitchburg, MA

*Qualifying Championship for RTN Nationals, CRDM All Ireland & World Championships

Flying Irish Spring Feis

April 17, 2021

Leominster, MA

Flying Irish Feis Facebook group

  • Flying Irish Feis Facebook group
Dancers must be present and in costume to accept their awards. Awards will not be given to another competitor or a teacher.
Champion & Prelim dancers must provide their own dongle for set dance music played on a bluetooth device.
Under the direction of Mary-Sarah O'Hanlon, TCRG, ADCRG



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