Payment Schedule & Registration Information

Students are registered for the duration of the school year, starting in Sept. The student’s parent or guardian is responsible for tuition and fees through the end of the year. The studio must receive a letter of withdrawal 30 days prior (i.e. 30 days prior to the end of the session) to a student leaving the program, or switching programs, in order to void this contract. Payments continue to be due until withdrawal is complete; no partial payments accepted.


  • The first and last month’s tuition payments are due up front.

  • Payments are made by credit card, through our online studio software (Jackrabbit). Payments for weekly classes are due by the first of the month; your account will be billed on the 1st (or the closest following business day if the 1st is a weekend day or a holiday) if you have not already made the payment.

  • Tuition remains the same if there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in a month.

  • There is a $2 fee for each declined credit card payment and a $15 late fee for all payments received after the fifth (5th) of the month.

  • Payments for private lessons, workshops and master classes are due at the time of enrollment. Payments for mini-sessions and private classes are due 1 week prior to the start of the session, unless otherwise stated.

  • To cancel the studio contract (i.e. cease responsibility for paying tuition for the remainder of the year in the event a student wishes to drop out of class/program): a 30-day advance (i.e. 30 calendar days prior to the end of the month) written notice--no texts/emails--must be provided. Students are welcome to complete their class schedule during their 30-day withdrawal notice period. At the end of 30 days, the student will no longer be enrolled and will not incur additional fees.

  • Student accounts must be current to participate in classes, shows and events.

  • Please respect the privacy of the residence attached to the Flying Irish Studio by only coming to the property when the studio is open for business.

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Registration fee:  $25/student; maximum $55/family


30 minute class           $35/month

1 hour class                 $65/month

90 minute class           $95/month

45 minute private       $60 each; $50 with 2 or more regularly scheduled privates each month

Studio 2 Usage           $10/hour during regular studio hours

Ceili Club                    $16/class (no registration fee); $8 enrolled & active dancers

Ceili Club Card           $40 for 4 Club classes, expires 8 weeks from first class after purchase

Adult Punch Card       $105 for 4 (four) 90 minute classes, expires 6 weeks from the first class taken (for weekly adult classes only)


Trial classes are $20 each; amount will be applied to class tuition if the student enrolls in class the night of the trial. Trial classes are only available in regularly scheduled weekly classes and at the start of the year.


Summer: During the summer the class schedule changes & tuition fees are adjusted accordingly. Summer registration fee is $10.


Family Discounts

First family member pays full single tuition rate. (The first family member is the student with the highest weekly class rate.) The student with the next highest weekly class tuition deducts 5% from their tuition rate; all remaining students in the family deduct 10% from their weekly class tuition rate. Discounts do not apply for private lessons/classes, workshops, master classes, ceili club, punch cards, or mini-sessions. Family discounts cannot be combined with other discounts (the highest discount rate will be applied).

Multi-Class Discounts

A student's first class is charged the full single tuition rate. (The first class is the one with the highest weekly class rate.) The second class in a week will be discounted 5%; all remaining classes will be discounted 10% from their weekly class tuition rate. Discounts do not apply for private lessons/classes, workshops, master classes, ceili club, punch cards, or mini-sessions. Multi-class discounts cannot be combined with other discounts (the highest discount rate will be applied).

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available to purchase for monthly tuition and private lessons for currently enrolled students. Private lessons/classes must be scheduled within 1 month of purchase and taken by the end of regularly scheduled classes in June (ie prior to the summer session). Fill out our Contact form telling us the student's name and what you're interested in purchasing and we will be in touch.

Class Policies



If there is any food on premises the parent/adult should first check with other guests to make sure no one suffers from allergies.  Any parent of a student with allergies must assume the responsibility of staying with their child.  ONLY WATER is allowed in the studio.


Health & Medications:

All students must have insurance. Students must notify the studio if they are not up-to-date with standard vaccinations (ex. MMR) and/or if they have compromised immune systems. The studio will endeavor to protect the health of all its clients to the best of its ability.


Parents are solely responsible for their child's medication. Parents must agree to stay with their child and make advance arrangements to chaperone events if a medical issue exists.



Flying Irish, LLC, has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Every student has a right to a safe and productive learning environment. The Flying Irish reserves the right to dismiss, without recourse, any student or family who does not adhere to our policies by disrupting the learning environment. Refunds will not be given.

Social Media/Videos/Photos:

Pictures and/or videos may be taken and published by Flying Irish, LLC, throughout the year for use to celebrate and promote student accomplishments and the Flying Irish programs.


Parents may video free public events for private viewing; private events or events with an admission fee may not be filmed. Parents need to continually monitor their child's and their own social media pages to ensure the privacy of other people is being respected. If a fellow student or minors are in the picture, and/or if a private photo is tagged, it must be done with the permission of the fellow student or minor's parent and all content must be appropriate for families. Families must observe Rince Tua Nua's Child Safety policies at all events.


Videotaping is strictly forbidden at competitions, with the exception of sanctioned representatives of the host organization or during awards.


Material may be videotaped during private lessons for at-home tutoring (no sharing).


To minimize disruptions when dropping off students, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before scheduled class time, and make sure to pick up students within 5 minutes after class has ended. Parents must come inside the building to pick up young children; please notify the instructor or send in a note if someone other than the parent will be driving students home. Students who are allowed to arrive and leave buildings independently, without a parent’s supervision, are their parents’ responsibility.


Students must be ready to participate as soon as their class begins, and are allowed to leave class only in an emergency. Students who arrive after the class warm-ups are completed may only be allowed to observe class.



In order to keep things running smoothly, we ask that you respect the following:

  1. Parents should not speak to their child while class is in session. Guests are not allowed in the studio.

  2. Non-dancers must wait in the lobby, which is separate from the studio. A parent observation week will be held once a year.

  3. When possible, refrain from eating & drinking in the lobby. The Flying Irish Studio does not have trash services. .

  4. Smoking is not permitted inside the building, or on Studio property.

  5. For safety and to keep our facility enjoyable for all, we ask that children in the lobby are monitored closely and not be allowed to climb on seats and furniture or hang on/block the windows and doors.

  6. The Flying Irish is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please only bring class supplies to class.

  7. Parents must bring dirty diapers home with them. Used diapers cannot be accommodated in the trash receptacles (Ashby does not have trash pick up services). Please take care of all private needs of young children in the bathroom.



All students are individuals with  different abilities and will not all progress at the same rate. Students may spend a number of years in a level before moving up. The instructor will have final judgment concerning class placement.


Level Advancement: Dancers learn new material when they advance to another level in competition; private lessons may be required. Dancers are not allowed to compete in a dance unless they have learned the steps for that level. Sometimes material must be retained for special events, such as championships or performances.


Grade Exams: Irish Dance is a cultural heritage, an art form and a competitive sport. Specific dances are taught at each grade (level) so that dancers progress in the standard manner. Grade exams were created in Ireland to ensure that students properly learn the dances, technique, music, history and culture of Irish Dance. When a dancer has finished learning the material at a specific grade, they will take the grade exam for that level. Grade exams may be used for level advancement when a student does not participate in competition.



Irish Dance is highly cumulative. Regular practice is necessary to remember and master the material taught in class and for advancement. The fast movements and high leaps of Irish Dance require dancers to be physically fit with strong muscles and good stamina to minimize the risk of injury. Practice sessions should include conditioning and drills, adjusted to a dancer’s age and ability level.

Parents can help their students’ progress by creating a space to practice, having the correct music on hand and reviewing practice logs (download from "Classes" page). You do not have to practice with your child.

Irish Dances are named for the type of tune that they are danced to. The speed for the dance is often put in parenthesis next to the tune’s name: ex. Reels (113). The speeds we use can be found on the studio’s “Feis” page. The Beat app has all of a dancer’s music organized by level with new tunes being added regularly. New music can re-invigorate a dancer who has fallen off their practicing.

Under the direction of Mary-Sarah O'Hanlon, TCRG, ADCRG



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