Team Costumes

(for feiseanna & performances)

Flying Irish team costumes, unique to our school, identify the wearer as a member of the Flying Irish Dancers.


Beginner & Intermediate: elastic-back 14" skirt & embroidered leotard, crown

Novice, Intermediate ages 14 & up, Prizewinner & Champion: full dresses, crowns

Boys: vest, tie, green shirt & black trousers

Adults: sleeveless dress (no crown)

    *Prime Dress Designs (email the studio for ordering dates & information)

Little Leprechauns (girls): green scooter skirt (from French Toast), purple FI polo (from NEPA), green hair bow

Little Leprechauns (boys): black trousers, white button down shirt, green tie

Parade Uniform

(also to be worn to all events if not arriving in costume)

Track Jackets: group order at the studio

Black pants (neat with no visible logos, can be joggers, yoga pants, jeans, dress slacks, chinos)

Poodle socks for girls, black dress socks for adults & gents

Black shoes if dancers has them

Parade - solid-colored black or green gloves


Girls - ankle length (short) poodle socks--bright white, sock glue; make up (ages 7 & up)

Boys - black dress trousers, black socks, black button down shirt, tie to match shirt or vest (same as other team members)

Flying Irish face masks -- to be worn during times of enhanced social distancing

               Face masks & poodle socks are available at the Flying Irish Studio


(no substitutions are permitted)

Irish Wigs: Lexy Bun Wig (color swatches in studio) for Beginner & Intermediate dancers up to U11.

Camelia Rose:

Team dancers (ages 11 & up or Novice & up) - Alliyah

Solo costumes - Robyn or Alliyah

Adult/Natural Hair

Short Hair -- leave down if it won't go in dancer's eyes

Medium or long hair -- pull back in a top ponytail with a bump (top 1/4 of hair secured, but poof up the hair before securing it & the rest hanging down)

Very long or heavy hair -- french braid


Required for shows (ages 7 & up); required for feiseanna for ages 12 & up

HD Foundation; black or onyx waterproof masacara; black eyeliner (upper & lower lids); purple eyeshadow duo; lipcolor in berry/rose; lipliner to match lip color; blush. Check with older dancers to match colors.

Solo Costumes

Solo costumes (one-of-a-kind dresses for females or vests/jackets for males) may be worn by Prizewinner & Champion competitive dancers, in those level dances only. These costumes MUST be pre-approved prior to purchase by the instructor and cannot be worn in performance or competition without approval.  Prizewinner and Champion dancers may only purchase a solo if they also have a team dress..

The Flying Irish name & logo (winged gillie) are trademarked; the winged gillie, hard shoe & double hard shoes (from website & tee shirts) are all copyrighted and may not be used or copied without permission.

Under the direction of Mary-Sarah O'Hanlon, TCRG, ADCRG



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