Team Costumes

(for feiseanna & performances)

Flying Irish team costumes, unique to our school, identify the wearer as a member of the Flying Irish Dancers.


Beginner & Intermediate: elastic-back 14" skirt & embroidered leotard, crown; Intermediates wear embroidered cuffs as well

Intermediate ages 13 & up, Novice, Prizewinner & Champion: full dresses, crowns

Boys: vest, tie, green shirt & black trousers

Adults: sleeveless dress (no crown); embroidered cuffs

    *Prime Dress Designs (email the studio for ordering dates & information)

Recreational dancers: parade attire & dance shoes for our yearly Hooley

Parade Uniform

(also to be worn to all events if not arriving in costume)

Track Jackets: order from Optimum Sport. Ordering deadlines are Sept 15, Jan 15 & April 15; shipping will be charged at the time of shipping.

FI track pants from Optimum Sport or Black pants (neat with no visible logos, can be joggers, yoga pants, jeans, dress slacks, chinos)

Poodle socks for girls, black dress socks for adults & gents

Black sneakers or shoes shoes

Cold weather parades - solid-colored black or green gloves


Girls - ankle length (short) poodle socks--bright white, sock glue; make up (ages 7 & up)

Boys - black dress trousers, black socks, black button down shirt, tie to match shirt or vest (same as other team members)

Flying Irish face masks -- to be worn during times of enhanced social distancing (purple with winged ghillie)

               Face masks & poodle socks are available at the Flying Irish Studio


(no substitutions are permitted)

Irish Wigs: Lexy Bun Wig (color swatches in studio) for Beginner & Intermediate dancers up to U11.

Camelia Rose:

Team dancers (ages 11 & up or Novice & up) - Alliyah

Solo costumes - Robyn or Alliyah

Adult/Natural Hair

Short Hair -- leave down if it won't go in dancer's eyes

Medium or long hair -- pull back in a top ponytail with a bump (top 1/4 of hair secured, but poof up the hair before securing it & the rest hanging down)

Very long or heavy hair -- french braid with top bump


Required for shows (ages 7 & up); required for feiseanna for ages 12 & up

HD Foundation; black or onyx waterproof masacara; black eyeliner (upper & lower lids); purple eyeshadow duo; lipcolor in berry/rose; lipliner to match lip color; blush. Check with older dancers to match colors.

Solo Costumes

Solo costumes (one-of-a-kind dresses for females or vests/jackets for males) may be worn by Prizewinner & Champion competitive dancers, in those level dances only. These costumes MUST be pre-approved prior to purchase by the instructor and cannot be worn in performance or competition without approval.  Prizewinner and Champion dancers may only purchase a solo if they also have a team dress..


The Flying Irish name & logo (winged gillie) are trademarked; the winged gillie, hard shoe & double hard shoes (from website & tee shirts) are all copyrighted and may not be used or copied without permission.